The RustBridge Roadmap for 2019
more or less

This is less a specific roadmap and more of a rough braindump of where I think the project currently stands and where I would personally like it to head in 2019 and beyond. With that, let's get started:

The main thing I would like to focus on this year is clearing community debt. I don't actually know what you would call this, but it's sort of like technical debt, just manifested within communities. I'm talking about unanswered emails, uncreated documentation, unfulfilled promises (of which we have more than I would like to admit). I've been neglecting sending out after-event emails for the last 3 events we hosted, which would contain instructions on how to host your own RustBridge workshop. I don't really have an excuse for this, either. As much as I'd like to chalk it up to me being busy, I think it's just incompetence and negligence on my part, and I apologize for that.

With that being said, we can most certainly do better in this regard. One problem that's been weighing down on us since mid-last year is that we simply don't have enough people contributing. I'm very glad that we had a good and productive discussion/meeting at the All Hands in Berlin (you can view the notes for that here), and parts of the roadmap we created there are looking difficult to implement because (understandably) people have other things to do. I also don't think we had a meeting in a couple of months now. Tackling all this is a very difficult problem, because our content structure is also not as solid as I'd like it to be. We don't have good documentation on how to effectively contribute to the project, let alone how to host a workshop. Here is where I'd like to see more cross-team collaboration, particularly with the community team. There's already a bunch of helpful documentation on how to run a meeting/conference, so maybe we can adjust some of that to fit specifically to RustBridge workshops.

The Website

Over the last months, I've been working on publishing a new version of the RustBridge website. This, however, has only laid the foundations for what I think is a much more accessible and extendable website. Adding new content is quite easy and I think it should be trivial to port our existing documentation over to the new website. That would probably include the book, which was little more than a stand-in until we had a functioning website in the first place.

I do also think that the styling can be overhauled and made a bit prettier. I am by no means a designer, so it would be nice for someone who has at least a little bit of an eye for colors and layouts to take a look at it.

The Workshops

The workshops themselves have gone quite well! It's been nice to see that the format works again and again. What I would like to improve is mainly the onboarding of new organizers. We need a clear-cut process for this, ideally with documentation as well.

The Curriculum

I've updated the intro slides before the last workshop, but I would love someone else to take a look at them to make sure that there's nothing that I've missed that could be outdated, since Rust conventions can change rather quickly.

After teaching a workshop in Beijing, China, I've also noticed that the need for material translations is definitely there. The intro slides are built in such a way that translating them is as simple as copying a file and replacing a bunch of strings.

The last issue is the example website ("emergency-compliment"). The code is outdated and there's no clear plan as to how exactly to teach it. I think part of this is that it was written around RustFest in 2016, and since then, pretty much only Ashley Williams has taught it. We need to either rework this material or replace it completely.

What you can do

As you can see, there's a bunch of stuff to do. Most of it probably won't get done this year if it's only me working on it, but if you're interested in helping out with any of these things, the best place to reach out is in the #rustbridge channel on the Rust Project Discord. If that's not an option for you, you can always write me an email.

Written by liv on Thu, May 2, 10:19 AM.

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